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Label printing house

Media System Label company has started its activity from production of self-adhesive labels with print using flexographic technique. Currently we also offer offset and digital printing. We provide our clients both paper labels with print, heat-shrink labels a.k.a. sleeve, and white or printed thermal labels Foil and labels for thermal transfer printing.

We collaborate with companies from industries such as food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmacy.
We work with passion


We produce a wide gamut of labels, different kind, and different purposes. We offer both printed and blank – to surprinting – labels.
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We work with passion


We offer thermal-transfer tapes without which the functional operate of the thermal transfer printer is impossible.
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We work with passion


We specialize in printing a different kinds of advertising materials. We print catalogs, files, folders, and posters.
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What distinguishes us

Our services are addressed both for big companies and small concerns. Guided by the satisfaction of our customers, we deliver the highest quality products on favorable terms and at an attractive price.



Do you need a smaller amount? It is not a problem. Call us and ask for minimal circulation.



We understand your business and its needs. That is why we realize the orders quickly and in a timely manner.



We understand your business and its needs. That is why we realize the orders quickly and in a timely manner.
We guarantee professional service and support due to that collaboration with us is much easier and you have the possibility to present your product in the best way.


Etykiety termiczne


Recommended for products with short expiry dates and logistics (e.g. courier items, waybills)

Etykiety powlekane


Recommended for products intended for deep freezing



Recommended for products with longer shelf life susceptible to damage

Etykiety foliowe


Recommended for flexible packaging, e.g. glasses, metals, plastic bottles and for long-term storage

Etykiety termokurczliwe


They do not require glue, they perfectly match the irregular shapes of the packaging, emphasizing its qualities

Self-adhesive labels

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  • etykiety 2
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  • etykiety 4
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We print self-adhesive labels using the flexographic technique. They are recommended for packaging in industries such as food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmacy. We offer also prints on PP and PE foils. 

We print labels in the full-color palette, using max ten Pantone colors. Lacquering, laminating and gilding are also available to order. 

We prepare graphic projects of labels according to the Client’s requests.
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Heat-shrink labels “sleeve”

Heat – shrink labels may be applied on packagings such as PET, PE, PVC, glass, and others. They do not need glue, perfectly match the irregular shapes of the packaging, emphasizing its qualities. These labels do not peel off, deform or fall off the packaging when exposed to moisture. Due to their construction, they provide large information and advertising space (they can be in the form of a "sleeve" that wraps around the entire packaging circumference). Heat-shrink labels are printed on the backside of the foil. Due to this in the final packaging, the print is immune to abrasion and mechanical damages. Additionally, this solution guarantees elegant and glossy surface of the label.
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  • Etykiety termokurczliwe 4
  • Etykiety termokurczliwe 5
  • Etykiety termokurczliwe 3
  • Etykiety termokurczliwe 4
  • Etykiety termokurczliwe 4
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Labels without print

piramida etykiet
We offer white and colorful labels without print intended for stamping, printing barcodes, marking the parameters (e.g. price and weight) of different products.

In our offer are special self-adhesive labels for food ( vegetables, fruits, and meat) – they meet the rules of European directives, have required certifications for paper/ outer materials and used glues.

It is also possible to order labels dedicated to thermal printing ( especially for scales with thermal printers) which are made from special thermo-intelligent papers copying in black.

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We offer a wide selection of thermal transfer tapes

Thermal transfer tapes are foils that are delivered in a roll, coated with dye enabling the text print, graphic and barcodes. The tapes may be used to print on any materials, from which the labels are produced (paper, foil, carton, special materials). We offer different kinds of tapes depending on the materials, on which the print should be plotted.
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Kalka termotransferowa

Printing House

We print catalogs, files, folders, and posters…

We print a wide range of diverse advertising materials. Work is done in a short time and in high quality. We offer all formats in the full palette of colors – depending on the project and client requests.

Additionally, we provide print finishing: selective and full UV varnish, glossy or matt foil, dispersion varnish, offset.

We prepare graphic designs in accordance with the requests of our clients.

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Offset Printing

The highest print quality. Cost-effective for mass printing.

Offset printing advantages

high-cost printing profitability
printing on unusual materials
great freedom in manipulating colors
any number of additional colors
distribution of overhead costs into circulation


single, double and multi-color sheet printing
variety of formats (B2, A2, B3, A3)
a variety of materials - from carbonless paper to 0.8 mm carton
a full range of paints - triad, mixed, Pantone, and metallic paints
finishing options - oil, dispersion, UV varnishes

Digital printing

Perfect for small volumes and immediate production.

Digital printing advantages

the accomplishment of orders at an express rate
profitable for a small number of copies
the ability to print on many different substrates and in a wide range of weights
possibility of ordering reprint with current data
the possibility of using many additional colors and color printing (CMYK, Haxachrome, and others)
each of the printed pages may be different
possibility of printing refinement (binding, cardboard bending, foiling, etc.)


Our company provide all bindery services.

Bindery Services

folding B2
hardback stitched
production of binders
glued binding
saddle stitch
crimping eyelets, rings, etc.
cardboard bending
UV varnishing

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